Saturday, February 1, 2014

Maine Marina at sunset

11x14 acrylic on stretched canvas. Christmas commission from a vacation photo. Red base color with sketch can be seen below- then follow the development! You can see the photo I painted from taped to the easel. I added more colors to the sky and water by request!

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Sweet Jonah!

This was a very special commission- I felt honored to be asked to paint this dearly loved dog that passed away just before christmas! 11x14 acrylic on deep stretched canvas.
Did the drawing on paper, worked out the kinks, and transferred it to the base coated canvas( constant erasing messes up the base coat.. And I constantly erase when drawing!) the base color is very similar to some of the more supersaturated hues in the photo.

This is how I usually paint: photo right beside!

Finished Jonah:
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Worth noting: I charge an additional 50  added to whatever price you see on the price list. I don't mind doing them, but to get the likeness takes time!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Beautiful home!

This is a beautiful SC home commissioned as for Christmas gift for her parents. 11x14 acrylic on canvas, blue base color:

Finished:I love a grey building on blue base- I did some paintings of the citadel that were similar in color that I really liked as well!
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Monday, January 27, 2014

Wooden panel- my favorite!

11x14 acrylic on wooden panel. This piece was one of my favorites. A friend commissioned this for his wife for Christmas, and he knew she liked my Lowcountry scenes. He sort of cut me loose- and I love the photograph I worked from! I recommended this photo and wooden panel and he said "sounds great"!
I ha been saving his photo and I do a value study painting of it last fall- but had been wanted to work it out on wood in color! What a perfect opportunity!
I don't base coat the panel- I like some natural wood grain to show!
Painted outline:

I love commissions- don't get me wrong and I'm so thankful for them! But my 2014 New Years resolution is to build a little body of wooden panel pieces to sell- instead of bein 100% commission-driven. Wooden panel is my favorite and I feel like its a style in developing that's all my own- I'm not imitating the work of anyone else or the photograph to death!
You'll see on the price list it is slightly extra for wooden panel- materials are just less available and a little more expensive- but don let that stop you from considering it!!
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Picturesque farm...

24x36 acrylic on canvas Christmas gift commission of a family farm:
Red/brown base color

Zoomed in view of barn:
And cows:
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Folly at sunrise..

This is a commission a from a good friend for his wife for Christmas! Isn't the lowcounty gorgeous? I did not even add any extra color to the painting- this is pretty true to photo! 24x36 acrylic on canvas:

I used artists tape to keep the Xs beneath the pier at the same height- such great stuff!
And as always it's finished around the edges and they have it hanging unframed!
I you're in doubt about what size I always tell people to tape the size you think you want in measured and cut-out wrapping paper to the wall, then live with it for a few days. ( I just included this tip here because I discussed it with this particular friend) Visualizing it is always better than guessing- and hings get smaller on a wall than you think!
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Beach walkway

Another 12x12 acrylic on deep stretched canvas commission. Orange base color.

I paint around the edges if acrylic on canvas so framing is optional- it has a finished look when it hangs alone!
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Hilton head...

12x 12 acrylic on deep stretched canvas- hilton head scene commission.

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